SPACE Yoga is based on the original promise that through the practice of yoga you will join mind, body and spirit or life’s essential trinity. If you are interested in the physical benefits, we have developed a methodical approach designed to take your body awareness skills to a whole new level. We are confident that you will begin to feel the strength, agility and power that may only be found through a yoga practice.

If you are interested in a full spectrum experience our goal is to guide you to a clearer understanding of where your center is and how to get there both physically and spiritually. The magic happens when the breath becomes an integral part of the experience. 

Note from Celia: 

My yoga journey began 20 years ago when I walked into one of the only yoga studios in the area, Katonah Yoga Center.  I became instantly hooked and was eventually certified by Nevine Michaan, the founder. Over the years I’ve studied with many renowned and accomplished teachers to whom I am eternally grateful.

My initial motivation for teaching was to conquer a paralyzing fear whenever I spoke in front of more than one person.  Overcoming that fear set me on a trajectory of self-actualization, which seamlessly transitioned into my teaching. Whether I find myself confronted by a personal or physical challenge I turn to yoga first. My greatest accomplishment is when I pass that discovery onto my students so that we all become proactive in our own health and well-being.

Five years ago I found myself unable to do any form of back bending, which led me to core strengthening and toning. I became acutely aware of the dangers of doing yoga without consciously using our core body.  As a result I have developed a concise method that creates an inextricable link to the breath so that yoga can be done fearlessly and safely. Ironically it was this physical challenge that guided me inward toward a deeper understanding of myself and the practice of being present. This has become the foundation of SPACE Yoga.

I am humbled to be in a position to share what I learn with others so that they can lead healthier, stronger and happier lives.