What type of yoga is taught at SPACE? We teach hatha yoga, a branch of yoga concentrating on physical health and mental well-being. Hatha yoga uses bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditation with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga? No. In fact SPACE is called SPACE because rather than thinking you have to be flexible we’d rather you think of being more spacious. The body is 72% water, which means we are innately fluid and changeable. Therefore muscles can be lengthened and joints can become more mobile over time.

Can yoga help improve posture? Yes. We teach an alignment-based practice that targets all the areas of the body. If you sit at a computer, spend a lot of time driving or just repeat bad physical habits the shoulders can become rounded, the back stiff and the abdominal muscles weak resulting in bad posture. Through methodical retraining, strengthening core muscles and freeing the spine yoga can make you feel taller, leaner and hopefully more confident.

Can I do yoga if I have physical limitations or injuries? If you are injured, you should always consult your physician before attempting any physical activities.  However, yoga is very versatile and all poses can be modified in order to protect or even avoid vulnerable areas of the body. We often favor an injured body part, which can result in surrounding areas becoming part of the damage. In that case we take baby steps to differentiate strong from weak with an eye on a return to overall health.

Am I too old/young to do yoga? No, yoga is for everyone. It can be modified so that any person of any age can practice. Yoga can be very gentle and deep or very vigorous and exhilarating depending on personal preference. In regard to aging, yoga is the gift that keeps on giving by improving range of motion, balance and mobility. We are fiercely dedicated to turning back the hands of time.

Do you recommend a private session before joining a group class? Not necessarily, however, a private session serves several purposes. If you are new to yoga it will familiarize you with the poses, principles and language. If you have physical issues or limitations a one on one session can be your safest bet and the practice can be customized to your needs. I always say a private is like being under a microscope, where you can get down to the minutia and pay close attention to detail.

Do you do hot yoga? No. We at SPACE believe in the inherent benefits that yoga has on all body functions including thermoregulation, which is responsible for our ability to adapt to different temperatures. If you’re cold you can do a yoga practice to warm yourself up or if you’re hot to cool down.