“Celia’s understanding of both my potential and limitations has allowed me to develop my practice in a safe yet inspiring place. I always go home with so many exciting revelations that I can’t wait to come back for more!”  ~Debby of Chappaqua

“I was in search of my breath and the space inside my body. Pilates and daily walks were strengthening, but I felt that I was missing an inner peace, which I felt yoga might help provide. I love the way my body feels; I have discovered my spaces, my breath and inner calm. My posture has improved, I feel stronger, centered, more graceful, and more empowered.” ~Evy of Chappaqua

“Under Celia’s expert guidance I learned how yoga could contribute to my physical and mental well being.  Now, after ten years, I am amazed to discover I can still develop strength, flexibility and balance. I will never give up my yoga practice at SPACE.” ~Phyllis of Katonah

“After doing yoga with Celia for 10 years I have greater flexibility and strength, and better posture than I ever had. I expect to continue with a vigorous active life and not exhibit any of the weaknesses that my non-yoga friends show. A grateful 70 year old” ~Tony of Katonah

“I found out I had scoliosis when I was 13 years old.  I tried to stay active doing whatever I could in the hopes of beating the degenerative effects of my scoliosis. But I was plagued with constant backaches and pain, I felt as though I had hit a wall. As fate would have it a person I trusted told me to try yoga but to find someone who taught privately.  That was four years ago when I found Celia and I still see her EVERY week. We work on my foundation meaning my feet and legs so that the scoliosis doesn’t control all my movements. Because the scoliosis pushes up my shoulders and torks my back to one side we work on realigning my body and unraveling all the knots that cause all the pain. Believe it or not, at age 61, I can move like I did when I was 13. The yoga has given me strength that I never dreamed of. I am ecstatic that I found a way out of the prison of constant pain.” ~Carol of Bedford

“I used to be a gym rat and always needed the intensity of a tough workout to feel as though I had done something good for my body. However, I kept injuring myself and knew I should try Yoga but never really had the patience. Yoga has really helped me to get grounded and focused. It reminds me to breath and slow down, take time for me and it has relieved so many tight areas of my body. I also love doing yoga with Celia because she really knows how to explain what to do, what it means for the body and how each component helps the whole body. Each session at SPACE is always exactly what I need and what my body is asking for.” ~Sharon of Katonah

“Since I started doing yoga with Celia I feel changes occurring in my body and feel much more on top of my sciatica.  I feel as though yoga may save my life. I’d like to feel even better and actually begin to see some of the changes I feel inside.”  ~Melissa of Katonah

“I do yoga at SPACE because the teaching takes into account that students sometimes have limits and Celia knows how to work around those limitations.  I have had hip surgery, I can’t say I’m absolutely expecting to ace all my yoga poses but I do expect my yoga to help me stay active walking, dancing, swimming and golfing.” ~Carol of Stamford